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One in five American adults has a mental health condition.  Research has shown that these mental health conditions can be treated effectively.  As scientists have disproven the stigmas surrounding mental illness, more people have begun to acknowledge the value of modern therapy.

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Very few people come to a mental health counselor because everything in their life is perfect. The majority of people seeking counseling are struggling in one or many aspects of their lives. They are stressed and feel stuck or lost. Most feel a loss of control over some important aspect of their lives. This loss of control results in unpleasant symptoms such as depression, anxiety, stress, guilt or shame, addiction, relationship discord, and occupational problems.

My clinical work involves treating clients with anxiety, depression, addiction, chronic relapse, maladaptive communication patterns, lowered self-esteem, LGBTQIA+ issues, co-dependency, unhealthy intimacy and maladaptive sexual behaviors, grief and loss, and men’s issues. In addition to my private practice work, I am employed full-time at Fairbanks addiction treatment center. I am experienced in group, individual, and family therapy.

I am committed to making sure that mental health treatment is accessible to all. In most cases your first appointment can be scheduled within 72 hours. I offer evening and weekend hours for the convenience of my clients.


Making Mental Health Care Affordable

I'm proud to have partnered with Open Path, a non-profit organization, whose mission it is to connect clients with mental health clinicians willing to provide services at a negotiated rate of $30-60 per hour.  For more information, visit the Open Path website and follow the instructions.  Be sure to select me from the list of counselors during the registration process.

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